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Wireforms with
optional coating

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Threaded Rods &
Knurled Rods

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Burr Free Guards
Cut & Formed

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Retainer Pins &
Clevis Pins

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Softening of metal by heat. Helpful in some bending or swaging operations.

Centerless Grinding
Outside diameter of the straight pin or rod is ground to extremely tight tolerances with a smooth, consistent finish.

Also known as beveling, to taper cut a sharp edge on a pin. This helps align the pin to a hole.

Color Coding
Lead-free dye applied to metal components for identification.

Metal coating to improve appearance, corrosion resistance, or electrical conductivity.

Hardening by heat or cold working
Citric or nitric acid dip applied to stainless steels to clean and etch surface.

Screw Machine Products
Produced on an automatic lathe. Slots, holes, tapers, knurls, and threads can be added.

Applying heat to reduce brittleness of fully hardened metal

Thread or Knurl Rolling
The surface of the wire is pressed in dies to form the threads or knurl grooves.The diameter of the pin becomes the pitch diameter

Tumble deburring
Rolled ends produced by aggressive tumbling. This economical method puts a slightly rounded edge on the pin. Best results for short pins.

Wire Forming
Semi automated or fully automated wire bending, coiling, and other machining.